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The Cancer Care service provides individualised care to patients across the region.

Services provided are:

  • medical oncology
  • chemotherapy and immune therapy
  • supportive care
  • advice for cancer survivors

Referrals may be made by either a GP or Specialist who
are asked to supply details of their patient’s medical
history and the results of recent investigations such as
blood tests and scans. Braemar will contact the patient
to make an appointment, usually within days.

Benefits of using the Braemar Cancer Care unit:

Immediate access to an Oncologist
You can see our Oncologist usually within days.

Covered by health insurance
Chemotherapy is covered by most health insurance policies.

No waiting times
Treatment can begin within days of the first consultation.

Access to a full range of chemotherapy drugs
We can administer drugs that may not be available at public hospitals.

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       Marion Kuper       Alvin Tan          Jayden Wong           

Braemar Cancer Care

Braemar Hospital
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For bookings, please phone: 027 801 4561
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