At Braemar Hospital we now have over 100 credentialed Medical Associates, with all of the major surgical specialties covered. Your patients may be referred to Braemar Medical Associates on the basis of qualification, training, specialisation and experience.


We offer a full range of facilities and equipment designed to provide your patients with the most appropriate level of care. These include a Special Care Unit (ICU/HDU) and a purpose built day hospital. We also have a growing range of extended care services including cardio-vascular laboratory, physiotherapy, pain management services, special care unit (ICU/HDU), laboratory, radiology and district nursing referrals.

Braemar Hospital provides a growing list of non-surgical and investigative specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, endoscopy, gastroenterology, and respiratory medicine.

We hold certification under the Health and Disability Sector (Safety) Act for a full three-year period and the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 certification.

At Braemar we accept all patients – regardless of which insurance company they may belong to, or indeed, regardless of whether they have insurance cover or not and they all receive fantastic care and service. We know this because our guests tell us. Patient survey results continue at our traditionally high rates with over 99% rating our service as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Above Average’.


Affiliated Provider Contacts

Braemar Hospital has three contracts with Southern Cross Healthcare under the Affiliated Provider Programme. Southern Cross policyholders


Give GP Feedback

At Braemar, we are doing our best to close the gap between GPs and Specialists, for the benefit of our patients. If there are any opportunities


GP Liaison

Dr Lynda Priest has been working at Braemar as the GP liaison representative since 2011 and her passion for general practice and


Infection Control

Braemar Hospital Limited operates an Infection Control Programme that includes the application of Standard Precautions and surveillance of


Insured and Uninsured Patients

You can refer your patients to a Braemar Hospital Specialist with confidence as we assure all patients the highest standard of care.



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Patients Covered by ACC

Braemar Hospital has three contracts with ACC and in most case, the price for treatment is fully covered by the fee received from ACC.