Braemar Hospital Limited operates an Infection Control Programme that includes the application of Standard Precautions and surveillance of post-operative wound infections.



Infection Control Policy at Braemar Hospital includes the practice of Standard Precautions and utilisation of additional isolation procedures for patients with Multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO’s) such as MRSA, ESBL’s and VRE.

If your patient is coming to a Braemar hospital and is known to have an MDRO such as MRSA, we welcome pre-admission notification using the contact form below, so that appropriate care can be provided.

In addition, if the acquisition of an MDRO by your patient may have occurred at a Braemar hospital, the form below can be used to notify Infection Control and the incident can then be investigated.



If one of your patients develops signs and symptoms of a wound or other infection following surgery at Braemar Hospital, we would appreciate notification. Please complete the infection surveillance section below or directly contact Theresa Dyer, Braemar Quality & Risk Manager.

Direct Dial: 07 858 6368


Click here to complete the online Infection Report form.