You can refer your patients to a Braemar Hospital Specialist with confidence as we assure all patients the highest standard of care.

Like many other countries, New Zealand increasingly faces its’ public health funds being consumed by acute services and serious illnesses. At the same time, elective services are effectively being rationed via the waiting list system at our public hospitals. As our population ages and becomes more demanding of health services the demand for surgery that can have a positive impact on the quality and enjoyment of life increases at an ever rising rate.

Individuals then face three choices. Either to wait on the public lists, to fund their surgery ‘out-of-pocket’, or to have health insurance. More and more must inevitably choose the latter two options.

Fee paying patients can be confident that the cost of their treatment at Braemar Hospital is nationally very competitive and our specialists will be able to provide an estimate of the likely cost.



Braemar Hospital accepts all patients – regardless of which insurance company they may belong to. These include Aetna Health, AIA, Police Health Plan, PSIS, Sovereign, Southern Cross Healthcare, Sovereign, Tower and Unimed, and others.

We recommend that your patients obtain prior approval from their health insurance company before admission. This enables the insurance company to pay their share of the account rather than your patient paying first and having to claim a refund later.

Please note that not all policies cover all of the medical or surgical costs incurred. If that is the case your patient will be expected to meet the balance not covered by their insurance company.



Braemar Hospital accepts all patients. Your patients can be assured that the fees charged by Braemar Hospital are very competitive on a national and local basis. A Braemar Hospital specialist will be able to provide an estimate of the likely costs.