Newsletter 44

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Braemar renal physician ‘Dr Rabi’ believes that patient care extends well beyond a consultation – and is frequently lifelong…

Newsletter 43


For Braemar cardiothoracic surgeon Paul Conaglen, bigger rarely means better…

Newsletter 42

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Braemar cardiothoracic surgeon David McCormack has worked in London’s leading hospitals. But it is in New Zealand – the place he calls “paradise” – where he believes he can do his best work…

Newsletter 40

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Braemar Hospital orthopaedic spine surgeon Joe Baker has many reasons for celebrating golfing legend Tiger Woods’ comeback…

Newsletter 39

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Braemar Hospital haematologist Natalia Gavrilova is excited about the new developments in the field in which she specialises…

Newsletter 38

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Gynaecologists at Braemar Hospital combine skills to tackle complex cases…

Newsletter 37

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Oral & maxillofacial surgeons Brian Whitley and Angus Colquhoun have carried out Braemar Hospital’s first temporomandibular (TMJ) operation, giving new hope to a young woman running out of options…

Newsletter 36

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Braemar colorectal surgeon Jasen Ly is hopeful new checks and better treatments will improve New Zealand’s statistics in bowel cancer…

Newsletter 35

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Braemar ENT specialist Andy Wood works in
a field that delivers life-changing results…

Newsletter 34

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Two Waikato medical oncologists specialising
in cancer care, have joined Braemar Hospital
as private consultant oncologists.

Newsletter 33

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New Pain Specialist joins the Braemar Pain Clinic

Newsletter 32

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Persistent pain can drive people to despair. Braemar Hospital’s new pain clinic offers sufferers a way out of “Stuckville.”

Newsletter 31

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New Generation – three dimensional imaging for surgery at Braemar Hospital.

Newsletter 30

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The human hand is a complex mechanism, essential to a multitude of tasks from holding a pen, to performing hard labour or even high-fiving a friend.

Newsletter 29

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The installation of the very latest imaging system will revolutionise the digital operating rooms at Braemar Hospital in Hamilton.

Newsletter 28

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Elbow replacements are rare in New Zealand. They are usually performed on patients with rheumatoid arthritis but they have become less frequent due to advances in rheumatoid medication.

Newsletter 27

Akar Braemar

Braemar paediatric surgeon Askar Kukkady achieved worldwide recognition when he led the team that separated con-joined twins in Hamilton, a decade ago.

Newsletter 26

Newsletter 26

Braemar has been offering PillCam capsule endoscopy since 2007 and has now upgraded to the latest SB 3 technology.

Newsletter 25


A top line-up of speakers is planned for the next CME event at
Braemar Hospital…

Newsletter 24


A chance meeting with a group of Kiwis in London set Braemar Urologist
Adam Davies on his future path…


Newsletter 23


Braemar’s Brandon Adams works in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
While the needs in these fields may be different, he says the aim for both
is to always have a highly functional result…


Newsletter 22


An increasing number of new services are being made available at Braemar Hospital. This newsletter highlights those introduced in recent times…

Newsletter 21


Peter Gan’s career inspiration came early – and from an unusual source. “As a child growing up in Malaysia, I decided at around 8 or 9 that I wanted to be a doctor…

Newsletter 20


Michael Woodfield is a New Zealand trained and qualified Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon with specialised training from world renowned surgeons…

Newsletter 19


Braemar has become the first private hospital in New Zealand to offer EUS – a service that combines endoscopy and ultrasound to diagnose and treat
gastrointestinal problems…

Newsletter 18


Braemar Hospital’s new surgeon Rafique was told by colleagues in Japan that he should move to New Zealand. He has never looked back…

Newsletter 17


Musculoskeletal radiologist Peter Gendall likes to help patients through the “medical maze” and be well-informed about their options…

Newsletter 16


A simple breath-test may identify the foods that make many people’s lives miserable. The test will soon be offered by a Braemar gastroenterologist.

Newsletter 15


New chemotherapy unit at Braemar opens in the new year.

Newsletter 14


Braemar’s new orthopaedic surgeon Jason Donovan shares a name with one of Australia’s favourite sons.

Newsletter 13


A leading neurosurgeon has joined Braemar’s team.
He says New Zealand offers exciting opportunities in his field of work,
but it also means his family can enjoy the lifestyle they love.

Newsletter 12


A new role at Braemar Hospital will bring GPs and specialists closer
together for the benefit of practitioners and patients…

Newsletter 11


Win Meyer-Rochow’s patients are in good hands.

Newsletter 10


Braemar again offers free surgery for children to the value of $50,000

Newsletter 9


Braemar welcomes Orthopaedic Surgeon Steve McChesney

Newsletter 8


Endoscopy services now available to your patients under the Affiliated Provider programme.


Newsletter 7


As an orthopaedic surgeon, Richard Willoughby has seen people
with terrible injuries. He says it is extremely rewarding to help them on the road to recovery.

Newsletter 6


Breast cancer surgeon Ian Campbell delights in giving his patients
the good news stories.

Newsletter 5


Introducing new ENT surgeon – Mr Julian White
All endoscopy patients welcome at braemar

Newsletter 4


Braemar Hospital offers free surgery for children to the value of $50,000.
Our new website is proving to be popular with more than 1,000 visits each month.

Newsletter 3


Work begins on new hospital – on time, on budget
New Trans Oesophageal Echo (TOE) Equipment Purchased

Newsletter 2


New Hospital Site Purchased
Return-to-Theatre Indemnity

Newsletter 1


PillCam™ – video capsule endoscopy
Q Chip – latest technology in endoscopes

  • "I felt so privileged to have the expertise of wonderful and such skilled medical specialists. ..."
  • "I was treated with respect and dignity at all times. Everyone I met was friendly and courteous at all times. Thank you team for looking..."
  • "Compliments to the chef, was better than some restaurants, outstanding...."
  • "Definitely Braemar has got to be the best hospital I've been to by far. Thanks to everyone at Braemar...."
  • "This was my second stay at Braemar and I was happy to come back...."
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