Braemar Hospital has two contracts with ACC and in most cases, the price for treatment is fully covered by the fee received from ACC. ACC will inform the patient of any exception to this.



Specialist Assessment: Upon the initial referral from a GP to a vocationally registered medical specialist (for contact details click here), each patient will be assessed for treatment and, if appropriate, the specialist will apply to ACC for approval for that treatment.

GP referral to this service must be via a vocationally registered specialist who is listed on the ACC contract.

Once the specialist has made the assessment, and ACC approval for treatment has been gained, your patient will be booked for surgery under the following contract:



Surgical Treatment: Once approval for surgery has been received from ACC, our specialist will arrange a suitable time for surgery at Braemar Hospital.

You will receive a written report from the specialist upon completion of the surgery.

More details can be obtained via the ACC website