Bowel Cancer Screening

Find it early. Prevent it. Treat it


Aged 50-74?


- Bowel cancer is the second most common form of cancer in New Zealand

- The risk of bowel cancer increase with age, especially from the age of 50

- Bowel cancer can develop without any symptoms

- Bowel cancer can be cured if detected early

- Colonoscopy is the most effective way of screening for bowel cancer


The Tawa Street Clinic Gastroenterologists, in association with Braemar Hospital, provide a screening colonoscopy service for those with symptoms or family history.

Health insurance will often cover colonoscopy, especially for those with symptoms or a family history of bowel cancer.


If you would like more information about screening colonoscopy, please contact our hotline on 0800 MYSCREEN (0800 697 273) or visit