Patient’s bright idea changes lives

Graham Campion had a bright idea while he was recovering from a hip operation at Braemar Hospital. In this story, which appeared in the Waikato Times, he talks about an invention that will make the lives of other patients easier…

A routine hip replacement has changed the life of Hamilton builder Graham Campion in more ways than one.

Not only has the procedure left Mr Campion pain free and more productive on building sites, it has also been the catalyst for a medical invention.

“After my operation I had to use crutches that were propped against a cabinet near the bed,” he said. “But every time I leaned over to pick one up the other one would fall over and I’d have to keep buzzing for a nurse to come and help me – it was frustrating for everyone involved.”

So Mr Campion put his creative building brain to work and started to design a crutch stand that would keep crutches together and upright for easier access.

The result was Stand by Me, a stainless steel crutch stand that is starting to appear in homes, hospitals and medical centres around the country.

“The funny thing is, it is such a simple design but it is going to make thousands of lives so much easier all around the world,” he said. The design plans for Stand by Me were drawn up by Hamilton firm MW Design and constructed by Stainless Design, and Bold Horizon have taken care of website design, business cards and marketing, making it a wholly Waikato-made product. And while word is starting to spread about Stand by Me around the national medical network, Mr Campion is hopeful that the design will also have international appeal.

“The important thing is that the design is not restricted to just crutches, it can hold walking sticks as well, making it pretty versatile for a wide group of people.”

The product is also easily transportable and can even be used in the shower as drainage holes in the stand’s base allow water to run right through.

As Stand by Me gains medical momentum Mr Campion is still hard at work on sites around the Waikato running his building firm Haddon Stone Homes, but he expects to spend more time on the Stand by Me project in time.

“It’s hugely exciting but the best part is making a big difference in so many people’s lives with such a simple tool – it’s great,” he said.


For more information on the Stand by Me crutch stand visit or phone Graham Campion on 0274 788 877