Team Approach to Breast Cancer at Braemar

Braemar Hospital surgeons say new surgical techniques offer women with breast cancer better chances of survival and an enhanced self-image.

Penny*, 32, was due to get married when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the day she had planned to marry her fiancée of six years, she was instead preparing for a full mastectomy. “I knew my breast could kill me. But I am a young woman. I was worried I wasn’t going to be attractive. I have always been very proud of my breasts. I loved showing them off in low-cut dresses. I didn’t want that to change. I wanted to survive but also I wanted to thrive.”

Her oncology surgeon recommended a breast reconstruction immediately following the mastectomy. Five years on, Penny is married with two children. She continues to wear low-cut dresses. “I can’t describe how much of a difference it made. I coped better because I still had my body intact. I think my breasts look better than ever.”


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