Your anaesthetist is a most highly trained doctor. All of Braemar's anaesthetists have spent six years obtaining their medical degree and then a further seven years with examinations and practical experience before qualifying as a Specialist Anaesthetist.



At Braemar Hospital we welcome children. We have a number of special facilities to make our younger patients feel welcome and we actively encourage a parent or caregiver to stay with young children while they are in hospital. We know from experience that this makes their



A Dietician is available for consultation if you require specific dietary advice or have specific needs. You can be referred to this service by either the medical or nursing staff and this will be charged to you separately.

If you have special dietary needs please make a note of this on your admission form so that we can be prepared.

Internet Access

Wireless internet access is available free of charge to all private patients in the inpatient wards. If you require access you should bring your own laptop computer.

Please request access details on admission.


We have our own onsite kitchen that provides a tempting range of 'home cooked' meals. If you are able to eat following your surgery, your menu will have been completed for you



In order to provide the best possible care for you it is important that you advise the Doctor or Nurse of all medications that you are currently taking


Newspapers and Magazines

Braemar Hospital provides the New Zealand Herald and the Waikato Times to all patients. A range of other reading material is available on request.

Patient Compendium

The information provided on this website is not intended to be exhaustive. In each room there is a Patient Compendium which provides a more detailed outline of the services available at Braemar Hospital



Physiotherapy services are provided to patients through Anglesea Clinic Physiotherapy,

Your surgeon may refer you to the physiotherapist who will visit you to discuss treatment options before beginning treatment and this will be charged to you separately where a charge applies.

Preventing VTE

If you are being admitted to hospital in the near future, the following is intended to help you understand Venous Thromboembolism (VTE). VTE is the name given to a deep-vein thrombosis (called DVT for short) or pulmonary embolism (called PE for short).



Radiology services at Braemar hospital are provided by Hamilton Radiology.      



There is a no smoking policy in place at our hospital that prohibits smoking within the hospital buildings or near any entrances.


Each room has a telephone in the locker. A directory is available at reception if there is not one in your locker.

Television and Radio

Each bed has a TV connected to three Sky channels as well as the standard free-to-air channels.

The available channels are listed on the side of the television, and include national / FM radio.

Please be considerate of others and use the volume set at a reasonable level. There are also earplugs available for those sharing a room.


Braemar Hospital welcomes patient visits by family and friends and offers two visitor lounges, a courtyard and tea and coffee making facilities. General visiting hours are between 11.00am and 8.00pm however other times may be arranged with your nurse.